Past Works

Solo Exhibitions

1968  Chatham Public Library. Chatham, Ontario

1969  Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario

1970  Thames Art Gallery

1974  Parallels Six Gallery – Parkspin, St. Thomas, Ontario

1975  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin, St. Thomas, Ontario David Morris

1993  St. Thomas Public Library, St. Thomas, Ontario  CIAO Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario

1996  Thames Art Gallery: Fusion, Time And Interval

1997  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin: David Morris: Recent Work

2000  The Beanery, St. Thomas, Ontario Thielsen Galleries London, Ontario

2001  Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, Ontario

2002  Gallery Lambton, Sarnia

2004  St Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas


Group Exhibitions

1968  Willistead Art Gallery, Windsor, Ontario

1969  20 – 20 Gallery, London, Ontario

1973  Gallery of St. Thomas, Ontario

1974  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin

1975  London Public Art Museum, London, Ontario  Parallel Six Gallery, St. Thomas Ontario

1976  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin: Olympic show

1987  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin

1992  London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario:  46th Annual Western Ontario Show
Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin: WOAX Event Above ¨Tony’ Huddle,¨St. Thomas-Elgin: WOAX Event
Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario

1994  Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin

1995  London Regional Art Gallery: 47th Annual Western Ontario Show   
Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario: Miniature Show

1996   Art Gallery of St. Thomas-Elgin
Thielsen Galleries, London, Ontario: Gallery Artists

1997  Thielsen Galleries

1998  Thielsen Galleries




Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, Ontario.

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario – Ontario Teachers’ Certification Fine Art (Dean’s Honour Role)

David is also active in workers’ unions. This gave him a unique perspective when he was commissioned to create a monument to workers injured or killed on the job.   

David was commissioned to create the dramatic sculpture that can be seen as you enter Pinafore Park. I was determined that it should have impact and reflect the struggles of working people from all backgrounds. Pieces of the fifteen-foot high structure were individually shaped with a hammer, forged, welded and ground. Set atop aluminum posts, the figure seems to be standing watch. Less visible at first glance are the labour symbols of two hands holding the globe, and a frieze of laurel leaves representing workers’ heroism. The material is such that the sculpture changes dramatically depending upon the light. The Pinafore Park sculpture reflects my appreciation for the importance of making workplaces more predictably safe.

The Oluuc at E.M. Warwick Conservation Area

David Morris was commissioned to create a piece called “The Oluuc”.

The subject was to create a mythical creature that swam in the waters of the Great Lake. 


Seeking Response

These recent sculptors are the product of modern metals, tools and equipment, and yet, though they couldn’t be produced except in our age of mass production they sterility of mass comsumerism is absent. to produce these objects, my hand eye coordination is evident in the bending of the metals to my will. 

Steps in the fabrication of these works are evident in the final pieces. The accumulation of decisions and processes remain, imparting a narrative, to be followed by the observer.

Time Interval Like Same

It includes 38 works completed mainly in the last two years. Three pieces , Tone Row of 1998, Purple Scale and Green scale, both of 1995, relates to Morris’ investigations into the role of music and art through musical tone and colour equivalents. Although his other large work, 60 piece is not part of that series it also has musical undercurrents. Currently the artist is exploring the possibilities of robotics as art, two of which are included. Throughout, all these works reveal a respect for materials and an interest in texturing and layering.

Permanent Display

St. Thomas Elevated Park

1 Centre St, St Thomas Ontario

 St. Thomas Elevated Park stands 95 feet over the Kettle Creek valley